16 August 2009

thoughts about stuff

as i can neither craft nor sew, & i haven't anything beyond exhaustion of which to write; i thought i'd share my thoughts on baby things. think of me as the most sleep-deprived, one-handed typing reviewer that ever there was.

*my friend (& neighbor lady) rubelin gave us the most beautiful paci clip, made by jessica of kerflop.

photo :: property of balacingeverything.com

ours is the bottom clip (taupe, with white doves) - her photo does not do it justice, it is truly lovely in person. the paci clip is very well made, & so sweet. if you need a clip, or need to buy a shower gift, i highly recommend kerflop.

*this paci is wonderful. lemondrop needs to suckle more than any bebe in all of history, so we by we, i mean my girl bits are thankful to have found it. the paci is made from natural rubber, & the sheild mimics the feel of the breast against his nose & chin.

*a friend gave us this cd when she brought us a meal (more below), & i cannot gush enough about it. even if you haven't a teeny bebe, you must have this collection of lullabies from around the world. the songs are ethereal & soothing - not your mama's lullabies to be sure.

*i'm still on the fence about this swaddle blanket. i love it in theory, but thus far it hasn't worked as it should. it could be that we're not doing it correctly, or that lemondrop is the world's greatest escape artist. we aren't returning it just yet though, & plan to give it another go when he's a wee bit bigger. i'll update you.

*meals! for the first week we were home a handful of very generous mamas brought us dinner each night. the food was amazing, & not having to prepare one meal a day took a great deal of stress of manlyman. (i had a c-section, so he's had to take care of everything.) you must have this done for you, or do for someone else.

well that's about it for today. i must say i'm impressed that i managed this much with one hand, & a teeny creature at my breast - & as someone who isn't good at multi-tasking at that! woohoo me!
have a lovely one...

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