25 August 2009

no teeny toes

i've yet to deal with delilah's virus, but i transferred photos anyway. yes i know - i'm a wild thing, a rebel, i live on the edge.

sadly, all the pics i took of the teeny toes were blurry. in my no-sleep zombieness, i must not have switched the camera to macro lens. sorry. i promise toes in the future. instead i have the equally adorable (drum roll please)................

teeny fingers!


& once again i break my no-photos-of-faces rule:

what do you think he was dreaming of?

that's all from the belfry today. i'm sorry, but there really is little to chat about these days - unless you are interested in hearing about how little sleep i'm getting, how often he nurses (& what horrors he's inflicting upon my girlie bits), or the goings-on in the world of diapering. no? i thought not.

have a lovely one, do!

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