23 August 2009

more stuff

last night was the first in a few nights that we actually got more than 3 hours of sleep - it was heavenly. heavenly i say!!!

because i'm doing little more than nursing & diapering these days, i still haven't much to tell you. in lieu of goings-on, here are my thoughts on more gifts we've received:

* this diaper caddy is not only pretty, it's also quite useful. the compartments keep everything in order, & the liner comes out to be washed. i don't think it will work as well once we switch to cloth, but we shall see. if not, it will make an excellent something-else-caddy.

* lemondrop sleeps in the family bed quite happily in his moses basket. he's safe from his fidgety big brother our bedding, yet still within arm's reach. i wish we'd had one of these when thehobbit was teeny. we removed the cushy liner btw.
* update on the swaddleme: i tried it again, & this time it worked. lemondrop wasn't thrilled by the roominess of the leg area, so we'll set it aside until he fills it out better. if you (or someone you know) has an escape artist as we have, definitely get this wrap.

my quiet time has come to an end - i hear the elf princeling being brought to me for his zillionth late morning snack. have a lovely sunday!

1 comment:

asti said...

Oh, I remember those days. Maddie was a constant nurser.....and I nursed her for a looooong time. Hope the longer sleeps are a sign of good times ahead:)

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