27 March 2012

recipe review - dinner rolls


i have no idea why, but i am the world's worst baker. this cannot be the first time you have heard me say as much. recently i decided i to master bread of some sort. easy for you perhaps, quantum physics for me. actually, quantum physics i do get.

all attempts have been failures. not always salvageable either. i believe, after tasting the last loaf, manylman suggested we buy pizza for dinner.

imagine my surprise tonight, when i successfully made the above pull-apart dinner rolls! feeling a bit dizzy, are you? well sit down my one & only reader, because there is more. that (blurrytakenwiththehobbit'sitouch) photo up there? that. is. mine. i know! it's as if a more together version of me has taken over. it's pod-kat!

they were quite delicious, in case you were wondering. the only thing i changed was the type of flour; i used organic unbleached all-purpose. i don't like whole wheat. i'd like to try them with garlic powder & parsley added to the dough. yum.

these rolls are baked in muffin tins. i want to make tiny ones, in my mini tins, but am not sure of the baking time. for smaller rolls do i bake them less? how much less? i'd love advice from you people who do manage to successfully bake on a regular basis.



mrsbeccijo said...

So proud! For minis try 1/2 the time and look for that same golden color!
From your one and only loving reader, lol

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

thank you!!!

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