21 March 2012

used book shop - chapter one

my new most favorite place in the world is piccolo's books; a used book shop of gargantuan proportion. it is not just the size of the shop that has me all swoony, it is that they charge only one dollar per book! just writing that last sentence made me a bit dizzy.

i have no intention of admitting how often i shop there, nor how much i spend each time, but i will say that there is talk of naming a wing after me.

that stack pictured above was from my most recent visit. take a close look at the board book teetering at the top of the stack. not just your average book of trucks, this one is in french!

of course to elfling it is just another book of trucks, but one day that won't be the case. & that wasn't the only french book i found for him.

 les dinosaures is ever so cute, as far as dinosaur books go. this one has to be put away; until he's over his love of tearing books; as it is has flaps & fold-outs.

elfling wasn't the only belfry to get new books:

the book of classic board games is going to get a lot of use on lazy summer eves.
flash! bang! pop! fizz! will be thehobbit's science curriculum for summer. we do have a bunch of science experiment books, but this one has pages for recording observations & the like.
botany for all ages is perfect for herbology class.
the roman record will be used in the fall, when we study ancient rome.
the new vegetable & herb expert taunts me each time i walk into the room. (i couldn't find an exact link for you.)

i'm off - a bowl of angel food cake, with strawberries & whipped cream is waiting for me. tomorrow i will share two of the treasures that were found that day.


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