06 March 2012

bread instead


eleventy million years ago i babbled about this bag. it worked wonderfully for holding & toting my knitting projects that used the giant needles. unfortunately, i am not knitting at all much these days, so have had no need for the knitting bag.

in fact, the other day i packed away my needles, & donated the unused skeins. my goal this year is to de-clutter & simplify (yes, i know i've said as much in the past. be quiet, you.), so could see no reason to have a basket of supplies out. just before i tossed my lovely bag into the donation sack, i came up with another use for it.

a baguette bag!

i'm going to hang it in the kitchen, to hold baguettes. i buy them regularly, but have never had a place to keep them. most spots in the kitchen are too sunny, so they ended up on a shady counter, forever getting in the way. all i need now is a vintage hook!

hoorah for repurposing :)


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