07 March 2012

recipe review - the first!

photo :: property of chow vegan

for more years than i care to admit, i have been collecting recipes. collecting, but not attempting. oh sure, there were a handful of attempts over those many years, but not enough to warrant keeping the gigantic dust-magnet of a folder in my kitchen.

this week i decided to change my wicked ways, & begin attempting new recipes, at least once a week. i also decided that it would be fun to share those attempts with you. if i use a recipe as-is, or tweak it little, i shall link to the original, & list my tweaks. if i alter it significantly however, i shall link, & share my version. perhaps i shall also remember to photograph my attempts, so i do not have to use their photos.

i kicked things off by making bbq pulled jackfruit. as you can see from the recipe, it was just a matter of tossing a few things into the crockpot, & walking away. 

i did not saute anything before tossing in the crockpot.
i put the crockpot on 'high', & left it cooking for a few hours.
i left it in the fridge until the next night, then reheated it with a bit more sauce.
we ate it on hot panini, with mayo, tabasco, & lettuce. (sans tabasco for elfling.)

i had to make sure there was a protein side dish, which elfling did not end up eating. i think i need to find a way to add protein in a way that won't mess with the flavor, or the texture.

it was a hit with the entire belfry clan; i shall definitely make this one again.


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