05 April 2012

thursday things - easter


i do have a perfectly good reason for not blogging as regularly as i had promised - pinterest. though i tried to resist; & did so for quite some time; eventually i succumbed. the little time i have for goofing online i now spend on pinterest, frantically searching for more & more fabulousness (real word). i am a pinteraddict. 

here are some easter fabulousnesses (also real word) that i found on pinterest:

* bunny shirts & chalk-paint buckets - no pastel colors!!!

* paper ornaments - also not in pastel shades.

* egg garland - an excellent use for those skeins of floss you bought, even though you knew you would never get around to embroidering that pillow/tote/blanket/etc.

* bunny garland - i love the simplicity of this garland.

* confetti eggs game - a gal who suggests hiding a raw egg, to "provide some real motivation for running from the egg smashers coming toward you",  is my kind of gal.

* white party - my inspiration for this year's easter/passover gathering.

time for me to peek on pinterest run errands. have a good day, do!


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