08 March 2012

through the eyes of a hobbit

photo :: property of thehobbit
it has been some time since my last installment of through the eyes of a hobbit. it was not for a lack of photos from which to choose, that is for sure. since getting his itouch in december, thehobbit has been a photo-taking machine. i have just been busy & overwhelmed. are you tired of that old song & dance yet?

scrolling through the photos he took on a recent trip to lacma i came across the above. there are so many things i love about it: the lines, the lamps themselves, the angle, the sunlight peeking through, the shadow - this photo simply rocks. if i had to say what my favorite thing was? well, it was taken by my very own son.

i think it's time to get him a real camera, & see what he can do.


if you are interested in the story behind the lamp posts, read this.

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