22 May 2011

spools behave better


my attempt to take photos for a daddyo-day project ended in failure. the models would simply not cooperate. one was unable to remove all traces of teen angst from his otherwise beautiful face, & the other decided that every photo should show him smiling like an escapee from a looney bin who had spent the past 48 hours ingesting nothing but sugar.

i eventually gave up, sent them off to play, then took photos of my spools instead. well, you didn't think i'd waste the lovely misty light, did you?

i found the spools when going through my mom's studio last year, & knew i would have to have them. empty no longer, they now keep my bits of vintage lace & trim from becoming a great tangled mess. pretty & functional, with the addition of reminding me of my mom each time i walk past them. win, win, & win :)

this trim is my favorite of the laces. i love its dainty discoloredness. or would that be discoloredocity? discoloredification? (all real words)

so i still have photos to take of the boys, but that will have to wait for another day. until then, we can stare at my pretty spools :)

i hope your day is one of loveliness.

1 comment:

FairiesNest said...

Great way to store lace Kat! I'm drooling over your stash...and yes I do have a serious vintage lace addiction.

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