23 May 2011

(not on) thursday things - homeschooling


this week's thursday things (ha! do you see how i act as though it's been going on weekly all this time?) is about homeschooling. specifically, things that have enhanced thehobbit's experience this past year. by the way, i'm writing this post on a monday for 2 reasons: 1) i am going to be too busy this thursday, & b) because. 

* murderous maths are amazing books! there are some of them, pictured above. they are clever, silly, & ofttimes obnoxious - perfect for my hobbity teen. we get ours from this website, which also sells the horrible histories  (likewise fabulous for homeschooling). i should say here that thehobbit loathes math, yet still enjoys these books.

* brain pop is a great resource for learning all manner of things. i ate too much, so am too sleepy to explain how it works. i'll let them instead (from their website), "brain pop creates animated, curriculum-based content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement.". to access the majority of their lessons, you do have to pay an annual fee. that said? there are still enough free lessons to make visiting worth your while. 

* netflix. no, seriously! the site is overflowing with documentaries, plays, & educational television series. just spend some time poking around, & you'll see what i mean.

* google earth blows my mind. it's one thing to read about the annex in which anne frank lived, it is entirely another thing to see it, & be able to scroll your view around however you like. we were able to see the gum, on the sidewalk, in front of the building. touristy gum! don't ask me why this thrilled us so.

which reminds me, you can use a few of these together to create a fabulous experience. an example: thehobbit read the diary of anne frank, watched the bbc's version on netflix, looked up the places she mentioned on google earth, then ended with the brain pop lessons (anne frank, adolf  hitler, holocaust). 

of course this way of teaching may not be your cuppa. or you may not be homeschooling. or have children. or like children. however, if you do have (& like) homeschooled children, & this style appeals to you, give some of these a try. let me know in what adventures you find yourself!



LA Mama said...

Great! Thanks for sharing.

Heather V said...

Thanks for taking the time to share your stuff Kat :-0

shannon said...

I do love netflix for the homeschool enrichment. We just watched an amazing doc called Rivers & Tides. Boy 1 would love it!!!

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