16 May 2011

in which i misbehave

on the way home from a long day of homeschooling adventures, i announced that i would be sewing whilst the menfolk (all three) indulged in a nap. we arrived home, snacks were had, a diaper was changed, & off they went. 

i walked into my sewing nook & faced the basket of long-overdue mending. 

& the overflowing back-up basket of mending.

i stood for quite some time, if truth be told.

then i thought screw this, & made myself a new pouch instead.

the damask came from a textile swatch book, the lining from a torn skirt, & the bow from my box of saved ribbons. i love creating new things from old. 

the pouch i use for a wallet had seen better days, so it's not as though i didn't need to make a new one. i just didn't need it today. ah well. the mending will just have to wait for another day. perhaps a day in which i feel more like behaving ;)



bhán said...

I love the look of this pouch, so pretty!

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

thank you!! it went on its maiden shopping voyage this morn :)

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