21 May 2011

free toy in every package!


to say that elfling loves corks would be an understatement of the utmost kind. for quite some time he has been obsessed. he carries them, keeps them in pockets, plays with them, throws them, rolls them, stacks them, & even kisses them.

at first we were very careful when he played with corks, never letting him have more than 2 at a time, & making sure he kept them out of his mouth. now that he's been a cork addict for such a long while older, & doesn't put things in his mouth, we're much more relaxed about things.

what you see pictured above is his cauldron of corks. he's got a few stashed in various baskets that he can play with whenever he likes, but the mother-lode he needs to ask for. it's not that i don't trust him with that many at once, i just don't want to slip on dozens of corks all the live long day.

if you are looking for something fun for your toddler, i highly recommend collecting corks. we both know you're drinking anyway, so why not do something with the evidence?

many hours can be spent moving corks from one container to another. they can be lined up, stacked, rolled across the floor or down a ramp. your wee one could even involve them in water play! corks do float you know. (please do not put them in the bath. google bath toys bacteria if you don't know why. can anyone say poop soup?)

some of our corks now sport faces & go for rides in a little wooden car. others have become the stuff which is dumped from a dump truck. elfing seems to never run out of ways to use his beloved corks. though, i have to say that lately he most often will tip over the cauldron, & throw the corks, one after the other. yep. we've entered the throwing phase.

who needs expensive toys when you can booze it up instead?


ps :: elfling's vast collection of corks is not the work of any one person. he is blessed to have a few lushes aunties & uncles working on his behalf.

pps :: corks are small enough to pose a choking hazard, & bits are easily picked off. please keep these things in mind when deciding to give your toddler a cork collection of his/her own.

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Happy Kids said...

Your cute little buddy! He is very adorable.. He's toes and hands is very cute.. :)

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