14 May 2011

return of the wayward girl


let us pretend, if you will, i was unable to post because i was on extended holiday in the south of france. there was no internet access at my chateau, & had there been i don't know that i'd have been able to get online much.

you see, the lazing about by the pool, the many garden parties thrown in my honor, the daily naps in my hammock - it all left me little time for much else. as it was, the governess had to track me down every so often, so the children would not forget what i looked like. i'm sure you understand.

now that i have returned, i look forward to chatting with you on a regular basis. i must admit, my one & only reader, that i have missed you.

ps. the above photo is unrelated. i know how you pout when you see photoless posts, so pulled one from the archives. i have been having camera/laptop woes - of which i'll spare you.

1 comment:

Prettydreamer said...

:) .... waving hello!

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