30 May 2011

in the moments between the madness


this year thehobbit took a weekly middle school english class. they read many books, worked on poetry, essays, dialogues, & so much more. since september his love of reading & writing has flourished. i could go on & on about his extraordinary teacher, the fun he's had in the class, & how his writing has developed & matured. but this post isn't about any of that - it's about what i (in between bites of lunch) made for his teacher.

i haven't much time to create these days, between one bit of madness, & another. but i did manage to make this set. do you like them? they are shakespeareanificated (real word) clothespins! i used the same portion of a midsummer night's dream that i use on my shakespeare people. my plan had been to back them with magnets, so she could use them on the fridge, but i couldn't find them in my mess of a studio changed my mind. instead the backs are papered in more of the same.

they are more squat than the average pins; slightly thicker, & about half the length. i sealed both sides with a matte sealer. though they would have been fine left without.

i have one that i use to hold papers, to keep open a book with pesky pages, to hold back a curtain in my sewing nook, & once to hold back hair that was getting in my way. that last was not a fashion statement. i had been sewing & was too lazy to get up for a barrette.

here is mine, decorating the privet:

what about you? what would you use them for?

sets will be available in theshop, um, eventually.


bhán said...

I love these! Lucky teacher!

BirchLeaf Designs - Wendy and Mojo said...

Yay! Love the clips Kat! Missin' you!

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

thanks, ladies! his english teacher loved the clothespins.

miss you too wendy <3

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