08 June 2010

i've got the rule-breaking blues


in all the years we've chatted, i've never shared photos of thehobbit's face. sure, there have been glimpses here & there, but never enough that you'd know him were you to see him walking down the street. it was a rule i made when starting out on this journey: no photos of faces.

why kat? why are you breaking the rule? i honestly do not know. i just saw this photo, & felt it belonged here. perhaps it's because of who he is now, no longer my teeny guy that i feel i must hide from the bogey man.

that photo speaks for itself. my teeny, shy, long-haired boy in fancy clothes has grown into this. this, i have no idea what. he's a little guy now: independent, sure of himself, arms raised high as if to say here i am world! too bad he can't say it in a top hat; i miss his fancies so.

yes, i am a bit blue. transitions have always been difficult for me. that isn't the reason for the photo's blue tint, however. i did nothing to the photo, it was this way when i downloaded it. strangely, it was the only photo thusly bluedified (real word). it would appear that my camera has a mind of its own.

so there you have it; the face of a hobbit. watch out world.



Asti said...

Hi hobbity boy ! Love the blue tint, however it came about, quite surreal!

Spryte said...

What a lovely hobbit- I miss the fancies here too- maybe they will return?

BirchLeaf Designs - Wendy and Mojo said...

Kat, what a cute hobbit you have! May all of his days be filled with pockets full of peacefulness!

kat said...

thanks, everyone :)

spryte~ yours too? dreadful boys.

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