28 June 2010

prezzies for the soon-to-be


two of my natural kids teammates are about to have teensy ones: melissa of sqrl & bee studio , & donna of day of rest.

some of us on the team are throwing them baby showers. well sort of. we are spread out all over the world, so getting together for tea & party games isn't possible. what we are doing is making prezzies for their babes, & shipping them by a set date. our hope is that the gifts all arrive within the span a few days.

assuming they are behaving, & are not reading this post, i can tell you what i've made. well, made & making. you see, a certain elfling snatched one away from manlyman, & proceeded to love all over it. by love, i mean to say that he stuck it in his mouth, & chomp-chomp-chomped! giggling maniacally all the while.

there he is, my sweet doctor horrible, with a cheeky chicken's head in his mouth. i had planned on making a chicken for his birthday, but apparently he wanted a specific one. happily, i have more of this fabric to sew another for the shower.

these chickens are much smaller than those for sale in theshop. i like them, so may have to offer both sizes. the smaller hens don't have crocheted crowns. instead, i used red twill tape. i love how they appear even more rustic this way. i may even prefer it. hmm.

i'll show more photos when i've got them ready to ship. perhaps even links to what the others are making. what fun!



SewnNatural said...

what a beautiful post (and a sweet chicken, not to mention that little boy :)

here are some new gnomes, a few of which will be sent off (the red striped hat gnome for the family that is not sure whether it will be a boy or a girl :) http://www.etsy.com/listing/50295459/gnome-baby-upcycled-toys-eco-organic


Plain and Joyful Living said...

I love the sneak peeks - look for another package soon.
Warm wishes, Tonya

BirchLeaf Designs - Wendy and Mojo said...

so cute! that little elfling is so cute! (the fabric is nice too!). I need to get my gift in the mail!

Prettydreamer said...

oh my goodness ... that little baby of yours is so sweet!! ... I can completely understand why he needed to chew on that cute little cheeky chicken! Love the fabric!! ~pamela

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