14 June 2010

of chickens, shops, & blogs...


my wee elfling loves the cheeky chickens! to such a great degree that photo shoots have not gone well. he wants only to bite, drool, & otherwise bestow his love upon them. because i cannot let him love the chickens as he longs, tears ensue.

it's not as if he doesn't have one of his very own; it's that he wants them all. i did list more cheeky chickens in theshop, though. they just aren't listed with photos of them being loved upon by a beautiful elfling.

speaking of shops; i've finally opened my other etsy shop! it's where you'll find all of my bags, slings, pouches, & other things not created specifically for kids. i don't know how to refer to it. non-kid store sounds strange, & adult store is, well, you know. wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

so the new shop is called kat's belfry. i wasn't sure if i should keep the name similar, or if that would be confusing. in the end i went for similar. obviously. you can find it here. there isn't much in it at the moment, but i hope to have it fully stocked over the next few weeks.

the last thing i wanted to chat about is my blog. i'm sure you've noticed the change, but don't get used to it. i do like it, quite more than i thought i would. the problem is that this template makes my sidebar photos dead. no matter how many times i redo them, they are no longer hotlinked.

i've looked everywhere, but cannot find a fix. if you know of one, please let me know. i know it is not just me, because a friend is having the same problem.

wow, perfect timing! the wee one stirs. have a lovely day!

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