09 June 2010

royal proclamations


hello, my one & only reader. i've a tangle of random thing to tell you, so i thought a royal proclamations post was in order.
* there are new goodies for sale in theshop, with more on the way! that sweet birthday tiara is 1 of 4 in need of a head to call its own.
* i've turned off post moderation. i don't like having to type in the letters on other blogs, so am no longer going to make you. i shall thwart spam by crossing my fingers & hoping for the best.
* donni wrote a lovely feature about kats in the belfry on her blog, the magic onions. read it & leave a comment about how you adore me, how talented i am, & how impressed you are by my modesty. in your own words, of course.
* i strayed from the challenge! oh the shame i felt. no worries though. i've had a chat with tif, & all is well. & no, i'll not tell you what i purchased, because you'd gasp with shock that i could be lured by such a thing. & truly, is it about the whats? no, it is not. so we move forward, confident that i shan't stray again. no need to discuss how i didn't need the little tote, nor point out that i make them to sell. um. oops. moving on...
* my wares can now be found at pin pon, in the andersonville galleria. if you are in the chicago area, please do visit.. pin pon is filled with the most glorious creations for children. i am proud to be included.
* there was more, but, in typical kat fashion, i've forgotten. sigh.
have a lovely day!

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