26 May 2010

which side?


elfling is 9 months old, & still i forget which breast he last nursed. friends suggested i wear a hairband on my wrist, switching it to the other wrist each time i nursed. this didn't work for me as i often would use it to tie back my hair. it did give me an idea though.

i tinkered with a tiny hairband, grosgrain, & various notions. i liked the concept, but had yet to come up with a bracelet i liked enough to wear. that changed when going through the vintage lace & trim in my mother's studio.

using some of her lace, i made a sweet little bracelet. i've worn it for 2 weeks now, & love it! it's pretty, soft, comfortable, & holds up to all the off-on-off-on action.

what you see in that photo up there are the first 4 created for theshop! woohoo, indeed. the 2 lacey ones are identical to mine. you know, in case you want to be my twin ;)

for now all the bracelets shall be backed with ivory grosgrain. it's what i have. if these sell well, then i'll buy black & brown ribbon.

well that's all for today. i've got a sleeping bébé on my lap, & a book waiting to be read. talk to you soon. until then, have a lovely day.



EvesLittleEarthlings said...

Great idea! I wish I had one when I was nursing. (and a great use for your mom's notions, I bet she would have liked that)

SewnNatural said...

SO lovely, Kat, and so filled with love.

Thanks for sharing.

mrsbeccijo said...

Love them! It is so touching that they are made from your mom's supplies! Very touching. It will truly bless those that buy one!

kat said...

thank you, all :)

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