15 May 2010

through a train's window


just up the coast from thebelfry
look at those wildflowers

central california

northern california

she'll be comin' round the mountain...


waking in mount shasta

finally in oregon!

did we go through a wardrobe?




woolies said...

Wow. How beautiful is THAT? I want to do that train ride.
Louise says hello.

The Sitting Tree said...

~longing for the mountains~

germandolls said...

I wrote the trains around the US in 1991 with an Amtrak Railpass. It was amazingly beautiful. Since then they have closed down so many of the lines. I wish things would have gone the other way. I miss the trains in Europe. It is the BEST way to travel! I am so glad you had a safe trip with the family!

BirchLeaf Designs - Wendy and Mojo said...

Looks like a lovely train ride!

kat said...

thanks for your comments everyone!

(hi louise!)

Linda said...

Your photos are amazing! Wow:)

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