08 May 2010

it's an arti party!!


i have discovered that artichokes adore being neglected. nowhere in any of my gardening books did it say that one should have a bébé, then become a useless, good-for-nothing, farm-abandoner.

sure, occasionally thehobbit would water thefarm for me, but i imagine he spent more time spraying the garage wall, on jet mode, than actually watering the beds.

once word of my discovery gets around, fame & riches shall be mine at last. long overdue, if you ask me.

hey look what i found on google: click me. we passed a giant field of artichokes on the train, but i was too busy drooling to take a photo.
let's share our favorite way to eat artichokes. i'll start: steamed, and dipped in garlic butter.


Janice said...

I haven't eaten artichokes in forever but your post and link to the Artichoke Advisory Board web site are inspiring me. We have our first artichoke growing in our garden right now. I'd planned on letting it make its beautiful blossom but now we may have to eat it!

Daria said...

I adore them! We used to have it in our family garden when I was a kid. And you're right about neglecting them :)) My parents did the same!
I love them just stuffed with a little bit of garlic, parsley, bread crumbs, and cooked in an inch of vegetable clear soup and wine.

bhán said...

Your chokes are gorgeous, good (non)work!
As with all foods my favourite way to eat them is when someone else cooks them ;-)

Prettydreamer said...

oh my goodness ... look at those artichokes!! I've never seen an artichoke growing ...wow! Looks like your green thumb is so great... that you don't need to even tend your garden. Happy eating! :) ~Pamela

FairiesNest said...

sauteed and added to risotto ...Yum!

Steph said...

Mmm. We just had baby chokes last night, steamed in salted water and dipped in Earth Balance. Yours are beauties!

Saints and Spinners said...

Out of consideration for my arteries, I almost never eat the artichoke and cheese dip served at parties, but I do enjoy it very much when I taste it. And then, I have to run away. :) Steamed with butter is simply delicious.

Years ago in the Washington Post magazine, I read a vignette by an author who grew up in Vichy France. His family was forced to provide room and board for German soldiers. In revenge, the family pooled all of their food coupons, bought artichokes, cooked them, and presented them to the soldiers, saying, "These are such a delicacy that only you, our guests, shall eat them." The soldiers had never eaten artichokes before, and didn't know how to eat them. The family watched the soldiers gnaw and swallow every leaf.

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