20 May 2010

thursday things - owls

photo :: property of polarbearcreations

this week i have owls on the brain. if you search "naturalkids owl" on etsy, you'll see more owls like the one above. i think they're all amazing, but this guy is my favorite.

here are a few owly (real word) links for you.

* buy some owl pellet kits to dissect. thehobbit loved this activity. if your kids are a bit squeamish, or you just don't want to buy owl puke, try the virtual owl pellet.

* the owl pages is packed with owl information for your budding orinthologist.

* what wiki has to say.

* learn to draw everyones favorite owl, hedwig.

* if you missed my birthday back in february, this is my size.

* wow, i had these bookplates when i was little!

that's all the time i have to chat today; my own little owl just woke from his nap. have a great day! hoot! hoot!



SewnNatural said...

cool post! i love sue's beautiful owls :)

Lala's Pequenos said...

I love owls as well. We hear them in the yard at night!

kat said...

thanks for visiting, ladies!

ooh i want owls to hoot in my yard too.

elsiee said...

sweetest cuddliest looking owl EVER! thanks for stopping by and leaving your blog link on my treasury!

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