16 May 2010

into the wilds


this was as far into thefarm as i could get. the weeds became too tall & thick to walk through. & dangerous! do you see that plant on the right? i have no idea what it is, but it is covered in thorns!

before you oooh & ahhh at the the lush lilac trees, i must tell you: they are not lilacs. i know! i made the same mistake when we first moved in. they are, in fact, extremely aggressive, horridly nasty plants that we were told came from australia.

they too have nasty thorns, & they spread rapidly beneath the ground. because they come from an arid region, they thrive on my foggy little hill. did we not pull them constantly, they would turn into the gigantic trees you see in the photo.

those belong to our neighbors, fortunately. we do have a mini forest of our own in need of hacking down, but not nearly as tall as those. i think our tallest nasty plant is 8ft, whilst theirs top 15.

i took the photo to show how insanely overgrown things are back there. i was actually standing in a veggie bed when i took it. the longer i stood there, the more my heart ached. they do give the illusion of lilacs. my mother loved her lilacs. they were in full bloom the week we were at their home. how sad she was not there to see.

will i think about those lilacs each time i see the forest of nasties? i'm not sure how i feel about that. i'm not sure how i feel about a great many things these days. my mind is a wild tangle of thoughts & emotions, much like the plants in the photo.

this is all so much harder than than i thought it would be.



The Sitting Tree said...

I know it's hard, but try to remember that even among the thorns, beautiful purple flowers have blossomed! Chin up~

BirchLeaf Designs - Wendy and Mojo said...

Whoa Kat...that's intense. You can clear through the briars and brambles strong mama!

bhán said...

My sympathies in this hard time.

Let me know if you need help in the garden, I've pulled 11,001 of that spiny plant on the right in the last month. Even growing up through bricks it gets over four feet tall!

Spryte said...

I am fairly sure the plant on the right is just a variety of dandelion/thistle. Hopefully if you do think of the lilacs it will bring you more pleasure than confusion, pain, or tangled feelings. Btw- it looks lovely to me. Then again I like weeds-

woolies said...

Want to hear my weed story? Ok, so back in March, weeds started sprouting, due to an unusually wet winter here in the desert. I sprayed them with eco-friendly weed killer. Then I took my shovel and dug up tons. More grew. More and more grew. I gave up and sprayed with evil weed killer. Finally, they started to die. As they died, I realized that the soft green part is now hard THORNS. that sticks to EVERYTHING. Shoes, pants, DOGS. So the dogs go outside and come back in COVERED with these things. I've dug and dug and they're still out there.

rubelin said...

I say better that the nasties give you fond memories of your momma than the evil thoughts of destruction that they usually give us =)

I still find it hilarious that all the info on those things say they grow about 6 feet tall. We must be amazing gardeners!

oh, btw, I think that spiky thing is prickly lettuce and it's actually related to salad lettuce.

kat said...

thanks for your words of support & love everyone! i do have the best readers ever.

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