12 May 2010

a new career?


it was not easy, but i made it in! not only did i make it; unscathed; into the farm, i managed to get close enough to the beds to cut an artichoke! & oh what a choke! isn’t she a beauty?

perhaps i’m in the wrong business. should i close theshop, & start an artichoke farm? i mean, look at what gorgeous work i don’t do. i am excellent at artichoke neglect. the proof is in the photos, people.

now i need to decide how to prepare my harvest of one. you all left such delicious ideas - thank you. i was especially intrigued by the story about serving artichokes to the nazi soldiers. my first thoughts were no! they are evil! don’t give them your beautiful artichokes! then i imagined them chewing the leaves, and swallowing the choke - ha! little victories, eh?

so when i was in the farm; beneath the giant leaves of the artichoke plant; i saw some leeks & fennel growing. they must have been from plants that went to seed last season. i love when that happens. have you tried brushing leeks with olive oil, & putting them on the grill? mmm.

i would love to know: what is growing in your garden right now?


FairiesNest said...

We have tomatoes, green beans, onions, radishes,peppers,and Lots of herbs! I love gardening.

kat said...

i love gardening too. i'd love a giant herb garden; all on its own.

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