02 December 2009

sunflowers in the dark

my apologies for this terrible photo - the sun had already set when i was baking. i knew the cookies wouldn't last till morning, so had to take the photo then.

i was looking for a gluten-free peanut butter cookie, & found this recipe doing a google search. i changed it a bit, & they were simply divine.

sunflower seed butter cookies

1c sunflower seed butter (i get mine at "trader joe's")

3/4c evaporated cane juice (sugar that hasn't been bleached)

1 egg

1tsp vanilla extract


preheat the oven to 350, & grease your cookie sheet.

beat the egg, add the rest of the ingredients, & stir to combine.

with hands slightly damp: roll wanut-sized balls, & place them on your cookie sheet.

flatten each cookie with the back of a fork that has been dipped in sugar.

bake for 12 minutes.

gently loosen the bottom of each cookie from the sheet, & let them sit to cool.

notes :: they will be mushy until they cool, so try to stop yourself from eating more than 1 when they are first out of the oven. store them in a covered container in the fridge. if you don't eat them all at once, of course ;-)

enjoy! i plan to try these with dried cranberries; sort of a strange pb&j. i'm also going to try them with an egg replacer, to see if they can be made vegan. i'll let you know.


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