01 December 2009

photos of thrifty goodness

in what has to be a speedy record on this blog; i bring you the promised photos! excuse the wrinkles please, the iron & i aren't the best of friends.

meant to look like 2 pieces, this sweater vest is actually sewn to the blouse. i was happy to find this, because it replaces a maternity version i loved. normally i don't go for polka dots, but i have to admit these teensy dots were what caught my eye. happily we have the odd warm days even in winter here, so i won't have to wait to wear it.

i wish you could feel this sweater, it is freakysoft! unlike the above blouse; which i bought solely because i could not resist; this one is very nursing-friendly. the buttons open easily enough, perfect for my impatient little bebe. it doesn't show clearly in the photo, but there are crisp, white cuffs at the wrist.

i'll still need a nursing tank beneath this beauty, because the closures stop midway down. it's a heavy, slightly satiny fabric. look at those wide 3/4 sleeves! this blouse/coat is flouncy & fun.

i saved my favorite for last. i saw this linen blouse/coat, & nearly fainted! manlyman disliked it immensely, & said sure, if you want to look like a 19th century artist. he meant that as a deterrent hahahaha! silly man that only intensified my wooziness for it.

i also scored a pair of gray/black plaid, tweed gaucho-type bottoms. they fit perfectly, but i'm not too keen on the flared legs. as soon as i get some time (hahaha) i plan on altering them into straight-legs. i'll post a before & after when i do.

oh my friend, there were non-clothing treasures galore at the shop. i tried many times to get to them, but manlyman would stop me with a just clothes reminder. he has a heart of stone, he does.
& now i'm off to go stare at my new pretties to start my chores. i hope you have a lovely day :)
note :: only one piece is actually vintage, the others just give the illusion of times gone by. i didn't want anyone to misunderstand yesterday's proclamation of vintagey items found.


blueeyedcrow said...

So cute!

kat said...

thanks tinker :)

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