05 December 2009

in which tongs are evil

i popped online to search for a new pair of tongs. mine were freakyold & finally bit the dust yesterday whilst cooking lunch.

now before you get your proverbials in a bunch, i was not going to cheat on the challenge. my plan was to ask santa for a new pair. or 2.

i went to amazon, then sur la table, then ebay. the next thing i knew i was drooling over things of a non-tongy nature. it's as though i wasn't in control of what my fingers were typing! i blame the tongs. clearly they are evil.

in my imaginary world i bought these boots:

i have a pair similar, but they don't go nearly as high up the leg. the heel is low enough for everyday outings. i want them. hmmm. i wonder if santa will get them for me?

this coat is gorgeous! if it weren't yellow, i'd definitely have put in a bid straight away. i'm just not a yellow gal. well i was literally a yellow gal for a few months as a child, but that's a whole other tale.

i love how the coat goes in at the waist. & check out the neat pockets, & the big buttons! perfect, but for the yellow.

now this frock coat i simply adore. it's my favorite taupey color, has funky embroidery here & there, & is velvet!

so pretty. so not something one can wear when one's wee bairn is still spitting-up. sigh.

i never did find a new pair of tongs.

images :: property of individual sellers on ebay.
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