13 December 2009

waldorf winter faire aught nine

my assistant/bebe & hobbit wrangler/carrier of heavy items/eye candy had to work a tournament saturday, so i was left to do the show without his hoped-for help. manlyman has never helped at a show before, but i wasn't sure i could do it with a squirmy bebe on my hip.

not only did i manage, but i braved the rain to do so! ok, i didn't stay the whole day, but that was the fault of a clothing mishap, not my freaking.

i think what made the day possible (besides the support of my fellow dragonflies) was the elimination of as many stresses as possible. such as bringing my lightweight small table, in lieu of my heavier behemoth. the wisest choice i made was to bring only the barest of stock, & all things for which i didn't need shelves or other cumbersome display. when i realized i had to go home, i was able to quickly pile it all into one bin.

my tiny table in all it's wrinkled glory:

for having a small number of things for sale, & only being there a short time, it was a pretty darn good day. & now i'm off to go holiday shopping with my earnings :-)


1 comment:

Asti said...

Well done, that was brave ! Sorry to see your little ones booboo ....

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