26 January 2012

uglies be gone!


this past august i discovered that i have disc goings-on in my neck. i shall spare you the details, save this one: the accoutrement for a healthy spine are ugly.

it recently occurred to me that though i could not change my circumstances, i could change the ugly. & so i did.

i made a case for the ugly cervical pillow. (excuse the wrinkles, i do not like to iron.)

i then made a rice pillow (to be kept in the freezer) to replace the ugly cold-packs.

there are also two neck rolls that need prettyfication (real word), but those will have to wait. oh! the vintage loveliness in the first photo is meant to one of these days  trim the ugly cervical pillow's case.

my neck isn't healed by making pretty cases & ice pillows - but my mood is lifted a wee bit. that's a good thing :)

uglies be gone!


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