13 January 2012

in which she talks about books. again.


are you tired of listening to me babble about books yet? sorry. i did say that i had been thinking about them quite a bit. did you not believe me?

in searching through my books for some faerie images; elfling is currently mad for them; i realized that i had amassed a lovely collection of books containing faeries & their ilk.

i thought it would be fun to share some of them with you - so, in no particular order...

once upon a time

victorian color picture books

lady cottington's pressed fairy book

a field guide to the little people

care & feeding of sprites


fantastic beasts & where to find them

fairy houses ... everywhere!

fairy houses & beyond!

filed guide to the fantastical world around you

the garden gnome book

this list does not include the books that thehobbit asked me to store in the garage, nor the eleventy billion books on dragons. still, it is quite enough to get you started on your own collection, should you be of a mind.

some things to note:
a) i did not append the authors, but you can find that information on each book's amazon page - just click on a title in the list.
2)many of my books were found at thrift shops & used book shops over the years. that said, i do not know if any of the prices quoted on amazon are reasonable.

are there any books on magical creatures that you would like to recommend? i am sure i can find room for a few more on my shelf ;)


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