19 January 2012

hogwarts homeschool - herbology


this post really should be on my hogwarts homeschool blog, but i am not quite ready to dust over there just yet. soon, i promise.

at the start of autumn, we began a new version of herbology. this time around it's just thehobbit & minisoap, with auntiesoap leading the class. in addition to a new teacher, a lot more is expected of them - they are both teens now, after all.

each month professor mudd, as she is calling herself, teaches them about one herb: folklore, medicinal properties, & culinary uses. the rest of the month is spent foraging, cooking, creating, drawing, writing papers, & so on. he is enjoying the increase in work more than i thought he would.

january's herb is chickweed. thehobbit took the above photo when they went foraging in auntiesoaps' neighborhood. once back at her home they set about making a healing salve. (i shall edit this to include instructions for making your own soon. thehobbit forgot his herbology folder there. again.)

photo :: property of thehobbit
for the jar's label he used this free download. scroll down to find the blank version. finally! a use for thehobbit's freakytiny printing. 

some notes on his label:
he forgot to include beeswax in the list of ingredients.
whilst it can be used to heal a myriad of woes, it cannot be used on any med problem. that is a slight exaggeration ;)
edited to add :: prof. mudd informed thehobbit yesterday to not use salves containing comfrey on deep cuts or puncture wounds.

do you use herbal remedies? what is your favorite?


rubelin said...

our yard is FULL of chickweed right now, if the hobbit needs to do more foraging =)

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

thank you! he shall most definitely take you up on your offer.

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