17 January 2012

chopsticks for everyone!

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we had lunch at my favorite restaurant yesterday. in the past i would go there regularly, but i believe this is only our second visit since elfling came along. wow. i had not even realized that until just now. anyway -

the waitress gave elfling a rigged set of chopsticks to use. (they fold the wrapper, stick it between the sticks, & hold it together with a rubberband. it is fabulous!) as i was showing him how to use it, manlyman commented that he was only two, & would not be able to use chopsticks.

instead of explaining how toddlers can do much more than most people think they are able; which i was about to do; i asked him what he thought they used in asian countries. usually i opt for the hermione (insufferable know-it-all) approach, so surprised us both with my reply.

after only a few attempts, he mastered the rigged chah-spicks, as he called them. of course he did, because toddlers can do vastly  more than people think they can.

um, i mean - just like children in asian countries do. 



ps :: hey doc! thought of you when we were there. hope you are feeling well. 

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