10 January 2012

an old book of old cars


this is one of the vintage books we gave elfling for xmas. i had been looking for a book of cars for him, but everything i found was ever so ugly.

when i spotted this at a used book store i may have actually squealed. the illustrations are sweet & simple, & not one car pictured has a face. do not get me started on that rant.

that is one funky van! i know it is supposed to be bicentennial, but it reminds me of a circus. must be the stripes.

this illustration has to be my favorite. manlyman is planning to get a mini. this is sort of what i imagine he'll look like driving it.

i was going to put it away for when he is older, because he is brutal to books, but i didn't. after all, it isn't as if this book is rare, or cost a lot of money; i just wanted it kept pristine because i think it is so wonderful. i eventually realized that if that was the most important issue then i should keep the book for myself. but if i truly wanted elfling to have it, i needed to just let him have it.

hopefully he'll learn to be more gentle with books, until then i shall just focus on not hyperventilating each time i see him reach for this particular one.

do you buy vintage books for your kids too?


bhán said...

It's hard, I wanted our kids to love books, but also to learn how to take care of them. Our solution was for each child to have one book they could love as hard as they wanted and the rest they had to hold and read carefully. It was nice to be able to relax about the treatment of one book each, and although they became quite worn the books did manage to keep all their pages and covers.

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

i wonder if i have the patience for this. i shall give it a try.

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