28 September 2010

what the?


is this hell? by hell i mean did my windy little hill get moved into the very bowels of hell? they are saying that yesterday was a record high for los angeles: triple digits in the first week of autumn! there aren't words to describe how hot it was. today is, so far, vastly cooler, but to that i say, whatever. once the mercury rises above 75 85 i am just a puddle of sweaty misery, whimpering in the corner.

today we are playing hooky. i know you shall think me a wimp (& perhaps you're right), but i just cannot function in weather such as this. we are skipping classes, putting off errands, doing no chores. today we sit still, & try not to snap at one another. much. um. as much as we did yesterday.

so, what is with the unrelated photo of feet? nothing. i know how you are about photoless posts, so i took one of my newly painted toes. you're welcome!

i am off to wipe sweat from various places.


note :: this is the first polish i've worn in 7 years! it's a less toxic brand, color: brandon burgandy.


Carly Suzanne said...

I think that not doing anything is the only way to survive 113 degree heat!! Yesterday I kept waiting for the world to end or aliens to land or something!!

Stay cool!

woolies said...

Yes. Welcome to my World. (Tucson, Arizona, Sonoran Desert). It is hellish. I cannot stand it, and am contemplating a move to Maine or Alaska.

EvesLIttleEarthlings said...

Hard to believe it is that hot anywhere in North America today. Steady drizzle and rain all day today. Dog is looking at me and waiting for a walk which I think is NOT going to happen.

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