12 September 2010

honey, i'm home!


did you miss me? did you even notice i was away? no? NO? & you call yourself my one & only reader. dreadful.

we have been up to our ears in busy these days, & i'm afraid i've not quite gotten the hang of balancing it all. not to mention, mercury has been in retrograde in the most fiercest of fashion! most years i can get the whole way through with only the most casual oh, is it in retrograde? not so this time, not so.

do not fret that this shall be the way of things. i've purchased two calendars to keep me on schedule, dropped a few (some temporarily, others permanently) have-tos, & let thebelfry slip into complete & utter chaos.

with my mind less flabbergasted, it is my hope to be back to regular posting this week! hurrah!

so what's with the photo, you ask? nothing. elfling got hold of my harry potter specs, & i happened to be near my camera. he truly is an odd thing - cannot abide hats on his head, but adored having those on his face.

though, speaking of monsieur potter: i am working on new (free) pdfs for hogwarts homeschool, as well as sets(not free) for the soon-to-be-open hh shop! more about that last bit later :)

alas, our visit has come to an end. the wee one is now awake, & i must go snuggle him. see you tomorrow.


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