29 December 2012

you light up my life


look what santa gave me! it is a solar lid light, for a mason jar. i am utterly in love with it.

the lid has a solar panel in the center, along with a tiny light sensor. you set it in the sun to charge, then when the room darkens, the light comes on. when the sun comes up, or a light goes on, the lid shuts off.

 i charged the lid once, & it took a few days before requiring another session in the sun.

one of the best things is that it will fit any mason jar, except wide-mouthed. i only had this boring new jar on hand, but i am now determined to find a gorgeous vintage one to replace it.

the lid gives off enough light to read by, but not enough to disturb the sleep of others. manlyman will tell you otherwise, but a streetlamp eleventy blocks away will wake my dainty one, so ignore him. 

i want this jar, you know, in case you were shopping for my birthday.

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