10 December 2012

in which you ooh & aah


i noticed that i take a lot of photos from the car. from the passenger seat, of course. taking photographs whilst driving would be dangerous. also, how would i drive, drink coffee, & snap pictures at the same time? a girl only has two hands. 

none of the about-town-photos would win any awards, but i like them. i'm thinking of doing a series of these; of things & places i see on my regular routes; then having them made into a book. i would love the keepsake of this time in our lives; plus, elfling would enjoy poking through it, & pointing out the familiar sights. 

because, you know, i have ever so much free time on my hands.

the building pictured above is the corner of the los angeles county museum of art, known locally simply as lacma. we drive past it weekly, after dropping thehobbit at his american lit. class.

if you do not mind, i would like to share some of the photos with you, as i take them. that way, i can get your feedback. in which feedback means you ooh & aah at my brilliance with a camera.

have a great one, do!

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