19 December 2012

platform 9 3/4


do you remember my pinter-test? well, i finally got around to decorating the first of the mugs on my list. this one is for manlyman's mother. she nearly as huge a harry potter fan as i, so i knew her mug needed to reflect that.

the numbers did not turn out as crisp as i'd like, but for a first attempt it is not bad. in case you don't recall the how-to:

* on a clean mug draw with a black permanent marker.
* stick mug in a pre-heated 350f oven, for 30 minutes.
* turn off oven, & allow mug to cool within.
* forget you left it in there, & find it in the oven the next morning when you go to make breakkie.

notes of note ::  i have only tested this with the sharpie brand, so cannot vouch for others. colored pens did not do well when i scrubbed them. most likely you won't have to forget you left your mug in the oven.

if you try this project, i'd love to see the results! 


1 comment:

Maddie Holtze said...

I love this idea! I'm using it for a Christmas gift for a friend. I was planning on using Hodge Podge over the drawing so it's more user/dishwasher friendly - is that not necessary?


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