12 December 2012

distraction dough


thehobbit needed my help with a project, but a certain elfling thought my time would be better spent stopping him from repeatedly flinging books. i knew that none of the busy activities currently in rotation would tempt him away from his flinging, let alone distract him long enough, so i could focus on thehobbit's needs. that's when i remembered that i had made a batch of blue play-dough the week before, & stashed it in the fridge.

not just a distraction, but a themed one at that! 

i sat his flinging tush into the high chair, gave him the blue dough, the cutting tools, his wooden dreidel, & told him it was time to play hanukkah. he had no idea what i meant (nor did i), but he set right to playing hanukkah with a seriousness that would have made his jewish ancestors proud.

eventually he decided to fling bits of dough, but not before i had finished helping his older brother with his homeschool project. woo & hoo, baby.


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