07 May 2012

we're all mad here

photo :: found on pinterest

are you angry at me for being such a wretched excuse of a blogger? i hadn't intended on staying away, in fact, i have written many a post to you since last we chatted. of course, they were all in my head. that counts, right? no? fine. then please forgive me, pour yourself some tea, & be prepared to be amazed that i can babble on & on by my literary genius.

have we chatted about my love of the alice books? it wasn't one of those love affairs that hit me passionately; instead i just woke one day & noticed that there seemed to be a lot of alicey type things cluttering thebelfry. i cannot tell you what exactly draws me to the stories, but i imagine the nonsensical nature has a lot to do with it.

isn't that photo darling? i found it on pinterest when i was creating my alice board. on pinterest i have found alicey: illustrations, photographs, books, jewelry, clothing, & even the most insanely wonderful tattoos.

my personal collection consists of the following:

* a ring of the characters holding hands. it is as if they were teeny paper cut-outs, going around the finger. i haven't worn it for decades, but cannot seem to part with it.

* three films: the disney cartoon (which i must admit to not liking much), the tim burton version (because a) it's tim burton & 2) it's johnny depp), & my most favorite of them all this

* this stunningly gorgeous (i knew alice had black hair like mine) illustration, printed tiny from the computer, & taped to my bedroom wall. (one day i will buy a real one, i promise.)

* a tattered script from a junior high (aka middle school) production, & another from a college production (hatter & alice, respectively).

* a stuffed white rabbit, complete with pocket watch - though i have not seen him in many years. either he is in one of the eleventy billion garage bins, has been lost in one of our moves, or got bored with me so popped back down the rabbit hole.

* books!!!! which brings us to why i am babbling about alicey things. it all comes back to books, doesn't it? in the world of book collectors, my four copies could hardly be called a collection, but to me they are a perfectly respectable beginning. here are my lovelies:

- my childhood copy alice's adventures in wonderland.

- the copy i bought when thehobbit wanted to read the stories, & i could not bear to have another person stare their germy stares at the above copy. alice in wonderland * through the looking-glass.

- alice's adventures in wonderland & through the looking-glass  which i had to have, because it is a pocket book. alice & teeny? swoon.

- the latest edition to my collection of alice books, courtesy of an impromptu thrifting expedition earlier in the week, alice's adventures in wonderland. this copy is the largest of those i own, & the only one not illustrated by the fabulous john tenniel. i feel as though i am cheating on mr. tenniel when i say this, but i do love helen oxenbury's nearly as much. watch an interview with ms. oxenbury here.

& now that you know the extent of my madness, i am off. enjoy your day, do!


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