05 October 2011

of mustaches...


those besticked mustaches, from elfling's birthday, are still being played with. not all have survived, & some are looking a bit done for (do you see the one on the left is missing something?), but that doesn't seem to bother my wee menfolk.

i have to say that i am in love with this photo. we printed a copy onto card-stock, for their grammie's birthday. hers was in color. i had to make it sepia for myself; the old timey mustaches seemed to demand it. 

so you don't worry: no, we do not let elfling play with the mustaches unsupervised. those are skewers, after all. he has to have one of us with him, & he's not to run about with one. i am working on a toddler set for the holidays. if i manage it, i'll share the how-to. stop rolling your eyes at me. i did say if. i am not that far removed from reality ;)

have you taken any mustachioed photos of your kids? i'd love to see them.


Theresa said...

What an adorable picture! Also, I LOVE that you call your little guy elfling... too cute. t.xoxoo

bhán said...

I love it in sepia!

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