04 October 2011

i'm such a boob!


how did i manage to forget to advertise the give-away on mama is? it's not too late, you can still enter to win the zippered boobie pouch! here is what you do:

go to heather's website mama is. in the comments section, write what you'd put in a pouch (of any size!). get creative, because that is how the winner will be chosen. oh, & feel free to suck up to me, because heather has asked me to pick the winner :)

the pouch is sturdy, made from reclaimed fabric. the breast is satin & velvet, & the nipple is a pink pearl. no, that is not your imagination, i sewed the pearl to droop a bit - clearly it's a boob that's been nursed upon. you can see more photos in theshop.

note :: the title of her post says that the contest is for members only. she has since changed her mind, & opened it to everyone.

good luck!


ps. heather is the talented artist behind the famous comics: hathor the cow goddess & mama is. she is also the author of simply give birth.

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