26 August 2011

a chalkboard station for your toddler


elfling  has been sick all week, forcing me to come up with alternatives to his beloved not quite a water park. like every other toddler on the planet, he loves coloring with chalk, so i set up an out-of-doors chalk station! it was easy to do.
1) move the chalkboard easel to the lawn.
b) stick a little table beneath it.
also) add the mug of chalk & an eraser.

brilliant of me, no? look at him up there, chalking away. for. all. of. three. minutes. he then took his mug of chalk on an adventure.

here we have chalk on a chair:

wait! is this the chalkboard?

nope. that was the shed.

& this would be the back of a bench.

let's make sure the steps are good & chalky.

we don't want the worm bin to feel left out, so let's make its table pretty.

ah, look. instead of encouraging the wee artist to use the chalkboard station, daddy-o & big brother drew on the patio.

it's a happy bench!

yes. he was going for the camera with that piece of chalk.


i still think it is a fabulous idea. just not for my toddler. good luck with yours!


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