24 August 2011

boot gnomies


isn't this boot gnomie adorable? i used to make these for craft shows, but as i hadn't done a show in over a year, i had forgotten all about the wee fellas. this guy was found a few days back, buried in a jumble of felt scraps. he never did get completed - he still needs the space between his legs widened. let us pretend that didn't sound wrong, shall we? anyway, if you look at the photos below you'll see why.

he isn't meant to teeter so high above the boot. oh. i forgot to say what a boot gnomie is for. when you line up the family's (or class', etc) rain boots, you keep them in order by clipping each pair together with a boot gnomie. this not only keeps pairs together, but, in the case of large families or classrooms, each person can quickly spot his/her boots by the gnomie.

so you see, he should be lower down on the boot. also, he should not be on a boot, he should slip over one side of each. i have yet to find a clothespin that is wide enough, so have had to widen them myself.

don't worry. i make sure to stop short of their private bits ;)


1 comment:

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