23 August 2011

farm, the dinky


health woes have forced me to scale back on everything this month. only parts of thebelfry that have to be clean are getting cleaned, i've had to buy more ready-made groceries than i'm comfortable with, & the amount of time i can spend sitting down is minuscule when compared to how many things i do that require i sit (sewing, reading, blogging, crafting, etc).

bending & lifting has been curtailed as well, so i have had to make do with the farming i'd already begun before this whole mess began. sadly, that wasn't much. still, i am thankful for dinky bit of farm i have for tending. i thought i'd share a bit of what is growing. 

this is thehobbit's favorite cucumber to grow. it is a lemon cucumber. the one pictured still has a bit more time left to grow. those black dots disappear when it's ready. they aren't blemishes or dirt, they're teensy spikes. all cukes have them when immature. by the way, the lemon cuke is perfect for container gardening. delicious, as well.

here is a nearly ripe better boy. this plant hasn't gotten very tall (not hot enough here), but it has been a constant provider of spectacular fruits. i won't say that we fight over these tomatoes, but there has been more than one hey! where did that tomato go? i was planning on having it for lunch!  heard coming from the kitchen.

lastly we have our pumpkin patch. it may be the dinkiest patch in existence, considering it consists of two plants, surrounded by old bricks. illusions of grandeur? perhaps. that's ok though. if i can get one good pumpkin from each plant, i'll be more than happy.

not much else is happening in my dinky farm this summer. between not being able to do much farming, & the summer having been milder than usual, well, it just is what it is.

what are you growing?

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