13 February 2011

rose is a rose, is a rose, is a rose


i was poking through my files, & came across photos of exposition park's rose garden. i think it's quite pretty, but to be honest it's a bit too neat & tidy for me. still, i do enjoy visiting.

the modern building to the left of the garden is the california science center. the beautiful older building in the distance is the natural history museum. here is a closer view of the latter:

isn't it beautiful? i swear, older buildings make me swoony.  does anyone know how to tinker with photos? i'd love to remove the gardener's cart from the shot.

my favorite photo from that day?

the iron fence that surrounds the garden.

my favorite rose?

my gramma rose. she was also my absolute most favorite person in the world. she died 20 years ago. in that time i wed my split-apart & brought forth two children. life is odd - to think that it took 3 people to fill the hole where once there was a single rose ...


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