28 February 2011


i had a simply lovely birthday! we went for brunch where i ate my weight in belgian waffles, poked through a bookshop, then spent the remainder of the day doing absolutely nothing.

after a week of rainy days, we were happy for the warmth of the sun. look how beautifully it shone on these flowers!

i will be the gladdest thing
 under the sun!
i will touch a hundred flowers
 & not pick one.
~ edna st. vincent millay



EvesLittleEarthlings said...

OMG, I am so jealous of your flowers.Snow everywhere, -7C this morning, but the sun is brighter every day. Just heard on the radio that spring will be slow this year:(.
I am glad you had a great Birthday!

Anonymous said...

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Veelana said...

Happy Birthday! I read your post on the perfect cupcake frosting, too - healthy, gluten free and vegan is overrated sometimes, I like "unbelieveably tasty" much better :-)

I'm glad you had a nice birthday where you totally did not eat your weight in waffles *grins*

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