26 February 2011

(not really) a whatchamacallit tutorial


i thought i'd share how i created this beautiful photo, um, whatchamacallit. now i should say that i don't usually like these whatchamacallit frames. when i see them at people's houses they seem random & cluttered to me. i wouldn't have chosen this myself.

when thehobbit was dinky, we were shopping for a daddyo-day prezzie. he saw this frame, & declared it the most perfect thing ever. i tried to interest him in other items, because a) i don't like whatchamacallits, & 2) it was a shiny black frame - so not my style. my stubborn boy could not be swayed.

the first thing i did was attack it with sandpaper. that took away the shine, & gave it a bit of shabbiness. only a bit, because this was a prezzie for manlyman, & he does not love shabby. freak.

next, i chose photos of thehobbit. if you are going to do this project, i recommend sticking with a theme. this will keep your whatchamacallit from looking random. here my theme was thehobbit.

i chose photos that represented who he was at the time. i also chose simple photos, to avoid things looking cluttered. if you peek again at the first photo you'll see a mix of close-ups, torso, & full-body shots. it's more interesting when you have that balance.

because this was many years ago, i did not have a digital camera, nor programs for altering photos. in fact, i think all i could do was scan photos, then turn them black & white. caveman days!

once i'd chosen & altered my photos, i printed them onto regular computer paper. i know! but we didn't have much money back then, so i used what i had. if you click on the photo below, you may even see faint lines in the photographs, from our sucky printer.

people often comment on this whatchamacallit. they're always surprised when i tell them how i made it. it goes to show that you don't need a lot of money to create something beautiful for someone you love.

i suppose i need to make one of elfling. that's this years daddyo-day prezzie taken care of! ;)


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