03 August 2010

treasures galore!


a lovely alternative school lost its lease, & needed to empty their storage. we went yesterday to help (truly manlyman did the brunt of the work), & were allowed to take what we liked, from the items that had yet to be claimed.

the giant blue unit is on industrial wheels, & has more shelves on the other side! i want to seal it & keep it out of doors; one side facing the bbq area, the other facing the brick patio; but manlyman claimed it for the garage. boringsville.

that tall cubby unit is actually short, & long; it is sitting on its side. this is to be painted & used in my studio - though, most likely, i'll need to skip the painting bit, for now.

do you see those pretty, old benches in the back? those were brought home as well! here is a closer look:

& here:

i don't yet know where to put the benches. one is older, & quite heavy, so it cannot be toted about, whenever the mood strikes. it will need a permanent home. thehobbit wants them back-to-back. um. no.

the green you see in that last photo is a stack of old school chairs. heavy plastic, with metal legs; they scream mid-century. no, you are correct, that's not my style. i liked the strange green, i suppose. they'll be used for parties & hogwarts classes.

we also took: a large metal shelving unit for the garage, an old fashioned folding step stool, & a basket. if you think all of this is fabulous, you should see what rubelin got! i'm not so secretly hoping she'll decide she does not need the tall skinny cabinet that i covet.

what about you? have you found any treasures?



Polar Bear Creations said...

Oh, man the shelf's are awesome!!! I would have taken all of the stuff too. Lucky duck!! :0)

woolies said...

Awesome! We have a bench like that - came with the house. I love it!

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